DAYᾹ Wellness Program
Do you want results? Are your employees in need of yoga to help with carpal tunnel or better posture? Try our Wellness Program designed for quantifiable results. DAYA Wellness Program’s systematic approach allows both you and our instructors to clearly focus on your goals and help you get started ‘living health daily’.

Our Group Wellness Programs and Individualized Wellness Programs are specifically targeted towards your needs including back pain relief, improved posture, and stress management. In addition, we provide motivation workshops as well as classes with health specialists like Nutritionist, Life/Health Coach or Meditation/Mindfulness Coach.

Sign up for a minimum of 1 class, from our Menu of Services, per week for a minimum of 3 months. Designed for quantifiable results, DAYᾹ Wellness Program’s systematic approach focuses on team building and accountability. Our instructors’ curriculum-based program was specifically researched and designed for optimal results. This allows both you and our instructors to clearly focus on your goals and ensures that, by the end of the program, you will have achieved consistent progress.

The DAYᾹ Wellness Program provides more than just fitness classes. Our instructors and specialists are trained to educate you on how to deal with anxieties and pressures of the daily grind. This is important for long-term health management to Increase productivity & generative capacity, and boost your team-building environment.

For more information about how to find the perfect wellness program for you, email us for a FREE evaluation!

Build a Wellness Program that Best Fits Your Needs

DAYᾹ means compassion and kindness. We built the DAYᾹ Wellness Program around these two principles and our team of wellness professionals is devoted to ensure your employees receive exceptional service in order to feel less over-extended and be more productive.

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